Dr.  Megan  Wheeler  Awarded  2016  “40  Under  40”  Award

Arlington, VA – Megan Wheeler, D.Phil. has been recognized by Leadership Arlington as a 40 Under 40 honoree. 40 Under 40 is an initiative that builds social and intellectual capital for the DC metro community among this leadership group as they move into key decision making positions. The under-­‐40 demographic represents a large segment of the area's population. Leadership Arlington and the community as a whole have the responsibility to empower and celebrate this civically-­‐minded, future leadership.

Megan Wheeler graduated as a Rhodes Scholar from Oxford University with a D.Phil. in Neuroscience in 2005 at age 25. She then became a Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences and Assistant Dean of the Faculty for Administration at Dartmouth College, her alma mater. In 2010, she stepped down from her administrative post and transitioned to a Research Assistant Professorship, working remotely from Washington, D.C. This move allowed Megan to concurrently return to graduate school to embark on a second Ph.D., this time in clinical psychology, at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D. C. and pursue her long-­‐term goal of conducting more translational research coupled with direct patient care. She is currently the Clinical Director and CEO of MindMap Behavioral Healthcare (www.mymindmap.com) where she sees clients for individual therapy and cognitive assessments.

Megan is interested in the intersection between neuroscience and clinical psychology. Her latest research involves investigating alternative medicine treatments for depression and PTSD in Veterans. Megan believes strongly in the importance of science communication and has published widely in peer-­‐reviewed journals including Nature Reviews Neuroscience as well as popular periodicals like Scientific American Mind. Additionally, her research has been featured in media outlets including The Discovery Channel, the BBC, and Newsweek.

"We are very fortunate in our community to have so many impactful professionals under the age of 40. Leadership Arlington is proud to be a forerunner in honoring and empowering this generation of trailblazers," said Betsy Frantz, President & CEO of  Leadership  Arlington.  “We  are  honored  to  recognize  Dr.  Wheeler  as  a  40  Under  40 honoree this year.” 
40  Under  40  is  a  societal  call  to  action  to  identify  the  next  generation  of  emerging leaders  and  trailblazers  in  the  DC  metro  region.    40  Under  40  recognizes  40 emerging  leaders  under  the  age  of  40  who demonstrate  impact  personally  and/or professionally  through  their  exceptional  leadership. An event honoring the nominees will be hosted by Leadership Arlington with supporting partners Arlington Chamber of Commerce, Arlington Community Foundation, Arlington Economic Development and Arlington Sun Gazette in December.
Honorees  were  first  nominated  in  the  summer  to  be  considered  for  this  award.  After completing  an  intense  application,  an  anonymous  selection  committee  chose  the  40 honorees  represented  this  year. 
The  mission  of  Leadership  Arlington  is  to  enlighten,  inspire  and  connect  leaders  to strengthen  the  community.  The  vision  of  Leadership  Arlington  is  a  prepared, inspired  and  inclusive  leadership  who  together  embrace  responsibility  for  the common  good.  For  more  information,  visit www.leadershiparlington.org or  call  703-528­-2522.